Sunday, September 25, 2011

I have arrived. Twelve thousand or so miles have been travelled over land and sea. I now have the Antipodes to call home.

The journey was somewhat uneventful, only an Irishman for company, and amusing though he was, we parted ways as he diverged for the Southern Island..

I am now in the company of my relatives, their hospitality has been astounding, and I am truly revelling in the opportunity to catch up on years lost. Distance is a brutal thing when you want to spend time with those you love.

Over the few surrounding days, I have and will be getting used to the time difference; a whole twelve hours marks the difference between here and my beloved England. As well as acclimatising to the return of Spring. However, it is the Season of the Games, and though somewhat archaic, it is almost a religion in this part of the world, where nations fight against each other for the title of world champion.

It is nothing like I expected, it is far more civilised in some aspects, though their fashion is to be questioned. They seem to place very little social baring on prestige, but rather expect you to prove your worth. Of course I've brought a little intrigue to the city, but only because of the distance travelled, not because of my title. I'm tempted to return to my ploy as I did on the English Coast with the nun and disguise my identity, so as to take part in the frivolities.

There were times on my three day journey when I thought of the White Knight in battle... I passed not so very far from the country he is at war with and I suppose it was only natural that I prayed and hoped to see him again soon... Though with my plans geared towards the Antipodes, it doesn't seem very likely.

But for now I am enjoying the scenery and the company of my family. The country is beautiful and I have never seen flora quite like it. The Games are keeping me entertained and I look forward to having the Gameskeeper and his retinue join me in the next few days!

D. S.