Friday, September 16, 2011

I had the pleasure  of the Baroness and Marquessa along with the dearest of Ladies on Tuesday when we took a venture to visit a neighbouring castle.

They cheered me up immensely, and it wasn't long before the five of us were laughing at nothing in particular, each of us ignoring the fact that it would be the last time we were all together until the following year.

The Baroness, in her infinite wisdom, managed to part with a few pearls of her own, letting me know that I wouldn't be forgotten while I was a way, and I had the opportunity to start afresh. Something that I hadn't really considered before.

Of course she is correct, I have never known her to be otherwise, but it is helping me look to my departure with optimism. My mind constantly changes as to whether or not I am making a mistake. I want to see my family, my Nana, for it has been far too long, but will I ever return to my darling Shire?

I have scorned the countryside from whence I came in comparison to the livelier Northern cities that I have grown to love, but it is home. Even the most perpetual of characters are endearing, the Peacock gentleman making yet another appearance in my life, and even more remarkable an absence of note from the White Knight.

I haven't a clue what to expect on my journey afar, I only know that I have yet more goodbyes to say with my brief return to the North tomorrow, and I pray I find the courage to make the leap and leave with a smile on my face.

I cannot wait to see the Gameskeeper abroad; I know he will put a stop to any discouragements I voice, and Belle will no doubt have some token of her affection for me to take to her beloved.

To think I was enamoured with the Head Architect this time last year, how times have changed. I hope I do my parents proud on the other side of the world.

D. S.

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