Friday, September 02, 2011

Three weeks is all that I have left in the Shire.

Life has taken a turn for the unexpected, and though I am overjoyed at the prospect of travelling I didn't think I'd get this organised before the end of September, nor is this quite the Grande Tour I had in mind. Summer is over and Autumn is just around the corner, but I am moving to the Southern hemisphere, to a country that is, as yet, unnamed, to be with my Nana, and enjoy the tropical weather they have to offer.

Mother has said that she'll join me in a few months and that I should have no fear for they'll all travel South for the Christmas festivities, but the thought of leaving the Shire prematurely is daunting. I plan to make the most of the time that I have left with birthday parties and festivals, fairs and fêtes... Indeed all the 'F's'! 

I suppose it is rather silly of me to pine for the suitor that Mother has still managed to keep secret. To think that I was unconsciously harbouring a surreptitious longing for a man that I've never even met! 

Besides this rather large piece of news, the week has been quiet. The Ladies of the Shire have kept me entertained, and I've shared my truffle knowledge (though the rum truffles didn't quite work out as planned) but I miss my Northern friends enormously! Especially now that my time in this beautiful country is limited, I yearn to let them know of my travels and say a few heartfelt goodbyes! For who knows how long I shall be away?

I have spoken to Belle and the Coxswain quite frequently of late, and though wonderful to receive notes, it is their voices and their charms that I want to bathe in. The only other gossip of note was Belle's distance from her lover. The Gameskeeper and my dear friend are still as in love as ever, but it seems he has taken himself off travelling, to none other than the unnamed country! I know that Belle misses him dreadfully, but I will definitely need a friendly face amongst all the unknown.

The Doctor has been in touch, as has the nun, but I have yet to tell either of them of my leaving so soon. There is no point in acknowledging these emotions for I shall abandon them forthwith! I think a final confession to the priest, yes I think it is time, before I leave shall prepare for the journey ahead!

D. S.