Monday, September 12, 2011

The heart knows no pain like an unrequited love... Something I know only too well after my ever dwindling relationship with the musician. It is a quote I hear oft spoken by the Baroness, whose feelings about unrequited love bring a tear to her blue eyes, and cause her to choke back her own heart break.

Fortunately, I have a heart of stone, and though I sometimes beg to differ with my emotional attachments, I know too well that love is not something I have dabbled with too deeply. Or at least I hope that my unrequited feelings are not all that I'll ever know.

Unsurprisingly, I have not turned over a new leaf, and the last few days have continued with the summer haze of champagne, friends and dancing. I'm making the most of my time here in the Shire before my hasty departure to a foreign land. It saddens me to think of all that I'll be leaving behind, but it truly does feel like the beginning of an adventure! And maybe, in this unnamed land I'll find the love that I crave!

My quarrel with the priest has made me think more about my actions; I rarely consider the consequences but as long as I and my friends are happy I see no harm in a bit of raucous debauchery! The lack of my presence at the Church has been noted, but I have made acceptable excuses (I think) for now, and besides, there is only one Sunday left between now and my departure date!

I am planning to visit the Court Jester in the North before I leave. I don't think I could ever forgive myself if anything happened on my journey and I wasn't able to say goodbye or express my gratitude for his friendship. No doubt I will see Belle on my return, though I'll try and keep it a surprise until then, and maybe even Lady Lina and the Brewer!

The Gameskeeper, on the other hand, has proceeded to this unnamed country before me, but I know that we shall meet in due course. I look forward to it greatly, and to see my Aunts and Uncles and indeed, my Nana.

Until then I have to start thinking about packing and what is necessary on such a long trip. Apparently by travelling to the Southern hemisphere I am going back to Summer so shall not need coats or scarves. I do hope nothing unsavoury occurs between now and then, though I don't doubt something will arrive!

D. S.