Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Maybe a confession wasn't the wisest of decisions, but with hindsight I can lament the misdemeanor.

The priest, though it is a title he does not deserve, has scorned me in public, ruining my reputation and forsaking his own promises to God by breaking the seal of confession. I told him all the usual sins and, in a roundabout way, my slightly more deplorable transgressions, though in no detail, and he dared to oust me from the confessional and make an example of me! I was furious and humiliated, but I refuse to let a petty priest have that sort of effect on my life. I shall no longer attend Mass where he preaches and I look forward to my Southern hemisphere travels that will take me far away from his hypocrisy.

I don't even have the time to dwell on the priest for this week has been ever so hectic; I am trying to fit in various visits with all my wonderful friends before I leave for my Grande Tour.

The Duchess of Tuthershire welcomed me to her home with open arms and I cannot fault her hospitality. It was delightful to see her in her natural habitat surrounded by friends and family, and it truly cheered my heart to catch up after so many months.

Another Northern lovely that I managed to coax South was the ever exquisite Belle who was horrified at the prospect of me leaving without saying a proper farewell. I don't think it had entirely sunk in that I really have left the North. The last three years have been incredible and it pains me, knowing that I am not going to be returning any time soon.

Before I get too nostalgic and wander off into the land of dreams, I have to mention the secret suitor, the White Knight, that Mother had kept hidden from me these past few weeks...

I have finally had the pleasure of his company; conversing that soon led to kissing. But alas, the White Knight is true to his name and shall be leaving for battle, far too soon for me to even comprehend what could have been. So as I begin to organise my belongings for my own journey, I think about the different paths each and every one of us takes every day without even realising. It had never before occurred to me to live or travel abroad, but here I am, arrangements have been made, and only two weeks until I depart!

D. S.