Tuesday, July 29, 2014

It is done. The Duke of Albany has done the unthinkable... He has made a promise to me that cannot be broken. Our lives have been intertwined for the best part of a year, and I long to spend the rest of my life with him, but seeing our home together in the Northern counties has truly opened my eyes to the commitment we have made to each other. 

There have been many men who have proclaimed their love for me from the various rooftops, but none have proved it in the way that the Duke has. This home for the two of us overlooks the stunning parks and river that I used to call my home. The memories I have are fondly remembered, but it is the future I look forward to with such zest. I love the Duke, I am truly infatuated, and I know that he feels the same way about me.

I can't believe how long it has taken me to admit my love. I know I have mentioned it in passing, but unlike previous relationships, I have yet to crow about my emotions like I normally do. I think it's because I was nervous; we fight an awful lot about silly, petty things, (and some rather larger concerns) but I can no longer imagine my life without him.

This summer has shown me what we mean to each other, and how much we rely on each other when the rest of our lives become a little too daunting. Even a long distance relationship, which we have survived, would not be enough for me any more. I have to see him, to hear him, to feel him. I have to smell his scent as we make love under the stars. 

I have never felt so on top of the world as I feel now. 

D. S.

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