Saturday, August 09, 2014

My life seems to revolve around never ending endings - another chapter of my life has come to an end and this one is harder to say goodbye to than the last, despite being a much shorter endeavour. 

Brighthelmstone is coming to an end, and all today shall be an echo of heart-felt farewells. My Irish princesses who have retaught me that sometimes being a little bit scandalous is only to be expected, are leaving this evening and it puts a lump in my throat to think the rest of the summer shall be a little less rambunctious. One of the three Irish princesses certainly made her reputation known ~ only good things of course ~ but it is always a pleasurable experience to enjoy similar passions with someone new.

The Duke and I are packed once again for the move to the northern counties, but first we have a few weeks to spend in the Shire with my family. Well, what's left of my family. I do not want to divulge in stories that are not mine to share, but something tells me that my family has disbanded for once and for all. Continents further afield have beckoned my mother and she has listened to their call, while my father flounders after being left behind. 

Who knows? But it means these next few weeks before the Great Move North, will be no less than interesting.

Belle was supposed to celebrate her birthday yesterday but instead she spent the entire day trapped in a carriage on her way to visit us on the coast. We fully hope to make the most of the time we have together this weekend and spoil her rotten. After the last few years that she has endured she needs more than a pick me up ~ she needs her best friends pampering her and I hope we can do that once all the goodbyes have been said.

I shall dry my eyes before I allow the tears to spill down my face.

It is not goodbye, but au revoir.

D. S.

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