Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Back in bed with the Duke and there is no where else in the world that I'd rather be. We are certainly enjoying our last few days of freedom before the great move North ~ and though the packing has begun, we are both a little apprehensive ~ it is no little thing for the two of us to make this sort of commitment to each other. 

The days are shortening and as I look out at the dimming of the sun, I know I will have to light the candles before I finish my writing this evening. The work I have started to indoctrinate myself to the finest arts of a genteel lifestyle are far more harrowing than I first expected: and I have only just begun to scratch the surface. The philosophies of those who are much wiser than I will ever be are interesting to read, and I'm enjoying the process of learning, though I know there is so much more to learn.

For me to become a Lady-in-Waiting to my Royal charge; three infants whose names are spoken with with hushed whispers as their progress is tinged with rumours. To think that I, someone who has had very little to do with children, will be involved in their development? It is an honour where I shall strive to be the greatest inspiration and motivator to these darling children. 

I cannot wait to meet them.

Until then however, I have the Shire to call my home, and the Duke and I are certainly making the most of the freedom. We are pushing our own boundaries in ways I didn't know were possible... To think even I have blushed at some of our extra-curricular activities is unheard of! But I wouldn't change a thing... In fact, I can hear him calling my name...

D. S.

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