Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I can scarcely believe I have been in the Antipodes for over a month! It truly feels like home, though as we get closer to Christmas the weather is also getting warmer, and I wonder what a Summer Christmas will be like, especially as I receive letters from my Ladies enjoying the English Winter...

I have even had the pleasure of correspondence from the nun, whom has sent me news of her darling baby boy who has started crawling around and causing mischief. I too am looking forward to hearing from the Coxswain and her lover, though I have recently been disappointed in the Gameskeeper who hasn't been in touch since the Masquerade Ball... But at least the masqued guest has kept up his correspondence and I am looking forward to seeing him dreadfully!

Indeed, the anonymous woman too created quite a stir when we dined last week. It seems an inebriated evening at the Manor party back in March brought the two of us together for the first time... I had no idea she was moving to the Antipodes, and apparently she has already been here for over six months so I am making the most of spending time with her close friends and acquaintances. 

We have celebrated the Season of the Games over the last few days, any excuse of course for a good time, but that the Antipodes won and have become true Champions was the cherry on the proverbial cake. Champagne has been drunk by the crates and though I have still been going to work (!) my concentration is waning and I find myself looking forward to the celebrations more than anything else... Typical me.

I have got to know those whom I work with a lot more and I love their blunt and energetic personalities. I hope I didn't come across as judging them too harshly before I knew them properly! Hopefully I have learned not to be so prejudiced! 

In two weeks time my Mother shall travel from the Autumnal British Isles and join me in the Antipodes and I cannot wait to be reunited with all of my relatives. Christmas, when my Father and Carpenter Brother join us, shall truly be a familial affair, but until then, I shall continue in my frivolities and the excessive labouring for the world of fashion!

D. S.