Monday, October 27, 2014

Of course a decision regarding the Christmas tidings has not yet been made. There is not enough time to squeeze everything in, and I have never been any good at prioritising. My two main concerns are making sure I get to spend some of the fortnight with the Duke and my family. With his family still travelling to the Shire from Bohemia I don't have to worry about seeing them on the Continent for when I see the Duke I shall see them, but it may be fleeting if the Duke and I decide to continue on to the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

I don't want to have to choose between my family and the Duke of Albany's family, or even between my Father and my lover. I couldn't think of anything worse! Nevertheless, I feel without a very strict schedule, this Christmas may be a lot more trouble than last year's.

The Duke has actually left me to my own devices (no, not for good, only for a few days!) because he's seen how much work I have to do. He's making the most of his jaunt to see a few friends in the Shire, and though I wish I could have joined him, I'm enjoying the solitude. 

I say solitude... This weekend past I had the immense pleasure of throwing a Ladies Only Ball. I invited those who are in the same position as I and made them promise to dress up to the nines, even if it was only for ourselves. We also made a pact not to talk about the position of authority we shall eventually be undertaking, and just revel in being alive in a time of greatness.

The delightful ladies not only dolled themselves up so much so that they were almost unrecognisable for their beauty, but we drank and danced like it was our last night in this world. I had a delicious night and certainly felt a closer bond with those fabulous ladies as we twirled and frolicked to our hearts' content. My head may have been pounding the following day (and even now, two days later I don't feel one hundred percent) but it was completely worth it.

I just can't wait to do it all again, though we may have to wait a few months to recover!

D. S.

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