Sunday, October 12, 2014

I had started a rather lamentable post about how I had nothing to look forward to this weekend and that the months ahead of me are looking rather bleak as I begin to buckle down and concentrate on my new position as its true, the work has piled up. 

However, Belle to the rescue. 

Out of the blue she appeared yesterday with several snippets of gossip about the new man in her life AND she had the foresight to bring with her two invitations to a local dance! She fanned them at me and teased my relentlessly before she allowed me to read the inscription. We giggled like adolescents and beautified ourselves, trying on clothes and laughing as we reminisced about the times we used to spend doing exactly that

She is an absolute wonder and I cannot thank her enough for brightening my somewhat dampened spirits just when I needed her to. And without having to ask her! I suppose that's what friends are for, even after all these years! The Duke of Albany, the dear thing, didn't bat an eyelid as I frolicked around in various states of undress with Belle before we went out. In fact I slightly think he would have enjoyed accompanying us, but he was far too courteous to ask, and though I do adore his company, sometimes there is nothing better than a night out with your best friend.

The dance was a very relaxed affair; nothing like the Balls and Fêtes I have attended in the past, but it reminded me of the days I used to spend in disguise, wanting to make the most of my youth and spend it with people from all walks of life. The aristocracy and nobility may seem to have it all but really we're all restrained from showing our feelings and our bound by duty and obligation. Despite all our fancies, I know I cannot be the only one who would willingly share some of my wealth in order to gain some freedom. 

I'm speaking like a liberal! Whatever would my Father say? I loved my night with Belle and it truly pulled me out of the doldrums, so I shall write her a thank you note.

It is the right, dutiful and courteous thing to do next. 

D. S.

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