Wednesday, November 05, 2014

To think we are on the cusp of winter and it is still warm enough not to wear fur in the day time! It is a stark contrast to the Bohemian winter I endured last year, when the snows were already threatening and the days themselves were grey and dark.

It is a time for seeing old friends as the end of the year creeps upon us, and I had the wonderful pleasure of the Duchess of Tuthershire this past weekend. It is always a pleasure to see her, we laugh and chatter like no time has passed, and it is a delightful feeling to know that some friendships are forever.

She kept me up to date with her life in the Capital, and we gossiped about our last night out together where we made a secret cellar our home for the evening. She talks about her need to travel, with which I can completely sympathise, though she doesn't have the responsibilities that I do to tie her down ~I must admit I am a little envious, for there was a time when the world was my oyster...

Do not think I am discouraged in my own endeavours! I still adore my position as Lady-in-Waiting and the home that the Duke and I have built together. I don't think I will ever 'grow out' of my need to explore, my wanderlust.

Speaking of journeys, Christmas is still the talk of the household. Of course the servants want to know if they have to prepare for the Duke's family to come here from Bohemia, or if the Duke and I are to return to the Shire, or indeed if we are to go further afield to the Sub-Saharan plains.

I'm afraid I still cannot answer this question for there are too many variables to take into account, but no doubt all will be decided at the last minute. Thankfully it is not I (for a change) who is holding up the decision-making-process, for I have cast my vote for Africa. I want to go back after all these years. I want to feel the red soil and yellow grass beneath my feet and listen to the vastness.

It has been long enough.

D. S.

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