Saturday, November 15, 2014

I definitely spoke too soon! Minutes after I wrote my last post I ventured outside and was stunned by the freezing nature of the wind. The sun was certainly much more deceptive than I'd anticipated, and I have yet to leave my premises without my furs ever since!

It has been a tumultuous ten days; my workload is bearable if continuous, and there are not often times enough to relax in between. Despite being in close quarter with the Duke of Albany, it has been far too long since last had the opportunity to do nothing but lie in each others' arms. This weekend, we shall savour the time we have together and make the most of the cold winter mornings  before Monday looms again.

I'm hoping to hear from Belle today, we have once again managed to go a month without seeing each other, and I miss her optimism and her opinions ~ I must confess she is a master manipulator with the Duke, whereas he can see straight through me, and more often than not ignores me! It is not out of spite, but out of over-familiarity, or at least I assume as much.

The question of Africa still has no answer; my brother is not to fond of the idea of the expedition and quite rightly my Father doesn't want to go without both his children... Indeed, even Mother (though she is 12, 000 miles away) has given her tuppence worth and doesn't think such a massive jaunt is a good idea.

If it were up to me I'd have made the arrangements weeks ago when the invitation had first been opened, but then I am a little more spontaneous (and it hadn't ever occurred to me that the Duke may not want to leave his family for Christmas). So now I wait in Limbo, though travels are a must for the fortnight of escape I have to look forward to. Whether the Duke and I journey over to the Continent or further afield doesn't dampen my spirits, as long as I am not holed up in the South Wing watching the snow fall.

It is far too cold to not have something to look forward to!

D. S.

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