Sunday, November 23, 2014

How the wind howls in the parapets as I write my notes and diarise my life. It always surprises me how quickly time passes, especially when I think back to the first ever entry I wrote.

I was a different person then.

I never would have thought I would find a man of stature to claim my heart - I fantasized about the musician and various highly lauded men, but since I found my very own Duke of Albany in the depths of Bohemia, whose charms beguile me so, I care not for the suitors of ages past. 

Happy to while away the hours in his company and discuss our penchant for disguise, the Duke and I have a relationship that has transgressed space and time. We have survived long distance and made commitments to each other as we have built a home together. 

Of course there are tense moments, but just because the lioness will not always bow down to her lion does not impede the love we have for each other. Though sometimes it amazes me that I have followed this domestic life at all after the travelling I have done, the places I have seen and the people I have met. 

But, I couldn't be happier.


I just blushed as I reread this morning's entry - what a soft heart I do have when watching the Duke at work. 

In other news Africa is still on the cards but more tentatively so. I doubt we will make it there for the end of the year, so I am once again looking at travelling across the Continent to enjoy the snows of Austro-Hungary. 

Though my writing has taken a slight rallentando in my life, I am pleased to announce that the esteemed publisher is still interested and hasn't given up on me, for which I am eternally grateful. My writing is still something that gives me great pleasure and I don't spend a day without thinking of a new way for words to marry, but my actual writing time has decreased dramatically from this time last year. 

As I've said many times before... How time flies!

D. S.

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