Friday, January 17, 2014

A fleeting journey across the Continent and I am back in my own wonderful country. I have spent the last two evenings with Belle and the Marquessa in the Northern counties, preparing for my personal interview to be a lady-in-waiting

It was a whole day event and even though I had a week to prepare, I was still nervous, especially when I saw that there were at least a dozen other women of nobility applying for the same position! My skills and knowledge were paramount, but the questions put to me were not quite what I expected. I fear that may be to my detriment... But of course I do not know what this great family of esteemed royalty are looking for. 

A single place has been offered. To be considered in the first place was enough, and the daunting nature of the interview is not something I wish to repeat in a hurry! I just hope my commitment is noted as I travelled all the way from Bohemia. Belle of course was wonderful in calming me before the actual event, and I have to admit the Marquessa could not be faulted for her care and consideration of my person. I will have to write letters of thanks to the both of them.

Now I am travelling back south to my Shire and the loving arms of the Duke's. This weekend will be much sweeter because it was not planned, and two weeks is more than long enough to go without his hand resting upon my skin, nor his lips grazing mine. I will wish to speak to him about the artist. I am unable to not think about her opinion of me. I do not think she holds me in high esteem and it makes me wonder why. I have never given her any cause for concern (other than my slightly lucid state that one time) and though my reputation does often precede me, the Duke assured me that the artist and I were from different social circles.

Never mind, I will ask him when I am in his presence. I want to hear how he has coped in my homeland without my assistance or guidance. The Duke of Albany is almost as stubborn as I am and he is of the humble opinion that he does not need me, but rather would just prefer me to be around. A compliment, I think, is very well hidden in that stance, don't you?

D. S.