Tuesday, January 07, 2014

So many days and weeks have passed since I last mustered up the discipline to write anything but drivel. I can't promise that this post is going to be enlightening, but that I have managed to somehow coast on a wave of inspiration is enough for me. For now. 

Bohemia has once again cocooned me in a silky haven of winter sunshine and soft waltzes. Christmas and new year strode past with a determination I have not seen since the White Knight blasted his way into my life over a year ago and I have had to take the time to sit and sort my head out.

The Duke of Albany and I shared some magical moments in the Shire and further up north in the company of my beloved Belle and the Irish Lady of Corcaigh. Even though the Duke had to suffer as the only male member of our retinue, he did so with such grace and style that I felt the other women's envy because his attentions were all focussed on me. I did have a slight worry about what the Duke meant for my future, but he put all my worries to rest.

A new year, a new me? 

Hardly. I have attempted new year's resolutions before to no avail and rather than shoot for the stars I'd like to work towards a long term goal. 

Travel and writing. They are the two constants in my life and without them I think I'd have become a shadow of who I am today. The Duke of Albany is also one to watch, I cannot imagine my life without him, though it is all very well to say that because he is still in my Shire, while I make myself comfortable in the Bohemian home of his forefathers.

It was not my decision to make, whether he stayed or not, but now that I am without the Duke, I miss him greatly. Oh well, I have lots to be getting on with before his return in a few weeks... Like that painting, and the artist...


D. S.