Saturday, January 25, 2014

Snow! I must confess to having a childlike love for the silly white soft stuff, but a grown up's apprehension for the cold and what such late snowfall means.

Bohemia is known for it's freezing white winters and so far we have had glorious sunshine. True, the temperatures have been hovering around zero, but to see snow in Bohemia is most magical.

I am still in awe that the position of Lady-in-Waiting is mine. Even though I have now received the official letter of appointment I can still scarcely believe my good fortune. The last week has been a blur and I'm not sure what there is to tell...

Oh, yes. A letter. From the Duke of Albany. How could I forget? (I'm seeing a friend later today in the city and we have so much to catch up on, so I'm feeling a little scattered).

The letter. He still makes his abode in my Shire, enquiring after a home of his own in the beautiful English countryside. Though he does say that he plans to venture to the Northern counties (where I am to move to in September) and give me his humble opinion. Of course I know that I can't ask him to follow me up North. It is enough that he joined me in the Shire for Christmas! 

Besides I can be under no misapprehensions that my royal charge will accept me living with a man to whom I am not married, nor even betrothed!

I long for his return to Bohemia. The country is currently at its most wondrous and it saddens me to think he is missing out on his home's first snowfall. Though his letters do bring me great joy, and it gladdens my heart to know that he is still thinking of me. It is a rare thing to feel like an equal in the game of love and I treasure the notion, smiling as I remember how we met.

D. S.