Monday, June 09, 2014

The end of an era is nigh. I have one week precisely left in Bohemia and I certainly plan to make the most of it. I travel to the City of A Hundred Spires later today in order to enjoy much merriment with my Irish ladies, and even a Scottish gentleman. It's the last time we'll all be together since we met back in September. How time flies. 

Three days later...

The weekend was truly a success, with much merriment to be had! As you can see I neither had the time (nor mental capacity) to finish my last post, but after a full night's rest and no headache in sight, I feel I can finally take up my pen and write about the weekend.

Friday was a rather long day for me, especially as I had to travel to meet my friends, but I made the most of the journey and collected some beautiful items from some gypsies along the way. We feasted in celebration of another birthday once in the city and from then on there wasn't a moment where at least one of us were dancing and singing to our hearts content.

It took us nigh on two days to recover from the frivolity of Friday night; the Scottish gentleman can always be blamed for sneekily refilling your glass without anyone noticing. But the weather has been absolutely gorgeous and I have a new found love for Prague. It is the first time I have actually felt forlorn at the thought of returning to my Shire. I always knew this would be a short stint in Bohemia, but I do have an affiliation with this country, and I'm not quite ready to cut the umbilical cord.

I know I have my wonderful and loving Duke of Albany waiting for me across the English Channel, and he is probably the only reason that I am willing to leave Prague in the midst of summer. Sometimes I don't know why I travel ~ I always get overly attached to the countries that I make my home and I leave a piece of my heart behind, every time. Nevertheless, I wouldn't swap my experiences for anything in the world.

I shall just have to get used to saying goodbye... Again.

D. S.