Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I've been home for a few days already and have barely had the time to sit down and catch my breath. I've travelled countries and cities and hugged and laughed my friends who I missed more than I realised while I made Bohemia my home. We celebrated my return and the next ventures in all of our lives with a zest that had us crawling home no earlier than four in the morning (if I recall, the birds were already singing!)

But since that memorable night I have undertaken a new endeavour, continuing my training as I work with children, and I am enjoying every single experience, though I still have so much too learn. 

Of course there is another reason I haven't found the time to write... No doubt you've guessed it! The Duke of Albany and I have been reunited and are now inseparable. It was a delight to fall asleep and wake up in his arms knowing there was no where else in the world either of us had to be. No news as of yet, as to the property he has chosen in the Northern counties, but as I complete my training and we journey to Brighthelmstone at the end of next week, I have few apprehensions about the glory of the summer. Though I pray I am not tempting fate!

Tonight I plan to focus on my writing, fiction, more than anything because once my Royal charge is completely my responsibility I will have very little time to dedicate to myself. Travel and writing will have to take a backseat, though it will never stop altogether. I wouldn't feel whole if I couldn't write. 

Of course I miss Bohemia. The weather, the architecture, the food, the foreign nature of the country were all an adventure compared to the sedate nature of the Shire. But as always, it is good to be home (if only for a few days). 

D. S. 

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