Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My first week of being a whole year older was quite the success, and I only hope it means to continue that way! Despite my actual birthdays sedate air, once Jeeves and I began travelling to Polska with our red-headed, enigmatic Irish lady, things took a turn for the more wonderful and spectacular. 

Our first night on the town began in the city of a hundred spires, and we danced and we drank until the wee hours of the morn. Something I fear I do not do as often as I used to! Already the hangover was a force to be reckoned with, though travelling with such a headache is not ideal, the three of us soon opened our eyes to the sights and sounds of our new home for the weekend.

Breslau, Wroclaw, Vratislava. To me the city had more names than I could pronounce, but that only added to the mystery. We three were anonymous in the city, not wanting to spread my reputation further across the Continent than I already have, and we lodged with the kindest of Innkeepers

Music could be heard all through the city and we were fortunate enough to literally  stumble upon one of the city's most renowned musical concerts. We were astounded by the talent that Polska had to offer and it was most liberating to walk through the cobbled streets anonymously. 

The sights of the city are vast and impressive; brass gnomes litter the walkways, though they sometimes have more allusive hiding places. The buildings were sublime and the islands were untouched by any extensive architecture. The cathedrals too were not overpowering and it was quite the sight to view the entire city from one of the towers. 

Though we too frequented a beer festival, which had its own ups and downs, the highlight of the entire journey would have to be the incredible fountain display we witnessed, which is near the city's menagerie. The music, such as Tchaikovsky and Prokofiev gave way to dancing fountains as the sprays and water jets pirouetted against a jet black sky. To say it is mesmerising is not enough, the technological prowess of the engineers that are able to create the performance should be knighted. It's a place I would highly recommend. 

But once again I am back in the lazy hills of Bohemia and once again I am packing for another journey. This time a quick jaunt across the English Channel to rendez vous with my darling Duke. Apparently he has something he wishes to tell me, and he wants to do it face to face, rather than via letter. I have to admit, my heart is in my mouth, though I cannot for the life of me imagine what it is he wants to say!

For now, I must rest. My weekend in Polska was more than entertaining, but it too has taken its toll on my exhausted body (and crushed finger, which is a long and uninteresting story). Sleep beckons for I have not yet recovered. 


D. S.

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