Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wondrous days, it seems that Spring has at long last returned!

I only start to talk about the weather for I have begun rummaging through my belongings, trying to decide what is suitable for my trip to the Continent. The Duke talks about the heat and humidity becoming unbearable, but I long for sunshine. Today however, my dear England has granted the pleasure of the sun's rays upon my face.

The weekend was awash with rain, but that did not halt my desire for lavish amusements. I felt the need to throw a small party and was delighted to have the presence of one who equals my title. The Duchess of Tuthershire enraptured her willing audience from the moment her bejewelled clad foot stepped into the hall. It was an entrance to invoke envy, only to quell at the sight of her smile, a sight that has been upon everybody's lips ever since.

I look forward to future reunions as we have not laid eyes on each other since we were but babes in arms. A familial dispute arose about a decade passed and since then our friendship has been forgotten - or so I thought! But it seems that with her recent marriage, the Duchess of Tuthershire has gained freedom, and has used her influential marriage to regain the trust of my parents, at no cost of her own!

We spent many an hour catching up on the last few years but still that wasn't long enough. Days worth of entertainment and frivolity have been organised in the hope that we can close the rift that was forced between us, and so far the venture has been a success. She is a far wiser woman than I will ever be, though she claims it is her marriage that has helped her fully mature.

This of course gets me thinking about marriage, about the future, about my impending departure from the North and my thoughts spiral beyond my control and it takes all that I can muster to pull myself out of bed! I fear I'm being a little melodramatic, but the thought of leaving the Court Jester, the Brewer, Gameskeeper, musician, Belle, the coxswain... Well... It doesn't bear thinking about. 

D. S.

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