Sunday, May 15, 2011

It has been one hell of a week.

The majority of the week was spent in either the company of the Brewer and Gameskeeper, or Belle, or of course the Court Jester. They each play such special roles in my life that the thought of moving away from the North for good, creates a lump in my throat and a tear that is quickly wiped away.

I must confess to the biggest downfall of the week, or even the year, for I cannot remember the last time that I succeeded in disappointing so candidly. 

I failed to attend the Ball of the Year.

Through sickness and in health do events and I go hand in hand, yet for no apparent reason I gave Friday's Ball a miss. There have been many rumours circling since then and it grates upon my ears to hear of the excess and fornication that I was not a part of. Though I know I have no one to blame but myself.

A snippet of gossip that made me smile however, was the Captain's illicit conduct with some powerful Lady. Apparently there was nothing discreet about their public display of affection, but he is rather dashing and it is unsurprising really. I hope that doesn't make me sound jealous for I'm sure I do find it just as entertaining as the next person!

Though it does make me question what happened to the young aspirational French gentleman... The one focussed on designing a lattice-styled building. The Captain and him seemed very close and sometimes I do wonder...

Never mind actually, I shall get myself into trouble with thoughts like that!

Another slightly closer-to-home rumour involved the ever allusive Luthien. I was shocked by her despising mention for my lack of attendance and am a little worried that I've lost my chance to find out who she really is. I know she has confided in the Court Jester but I value his integrity enough to know that he will not give her away, not unless she wants him to. I can only but apologise and hope that I have not offended to a degree that forgiveness will be denied. But once again, I have no one to blame but myself.

D. S.