Thursday, May 19, 2011

I'm not sure if you know this but Luthien has revealed herself to me.

Not until the rumours of Friday's Ball reached my ears had I even considered her as a candidate, but now as I read through the previous poems and piece together the clues does it make sense. She is a treat, a delight and I love her courage at laying her art out for all to see. I do hope that she continues with her façade, I have come to appreciate the poetry that I know I could never write (at least not without the Ambassador's help) and it is comforting to have a kinship with someone who has similar literary tendencies.

Speaking of literary tendencies, these last few days I have been more focussed on my writing, although not of the fictional variety. That will have to wait until I venture to the Continent. But I do love writing, reporting almost, on the occurrences up here in the North and it makes me wonder about the future...

The dear coxswain managed to fill me in on another rumour from the Ball that I hadn't heard about; apparently Harlequin failed to return home that night and was spotted as dawn broke, in his evening clothes leaving an unknown home! I haven't yet confronted him for a part of me hopes that this will lead to a ravishing romance, but I know my curiosity will get the better of me and I'll find out eventually.

I haven't seen the Brewer, Gameskeeper or musician half as much as I'd have liked to, indeed I feel quite shut off from them as the Brewer and musician work far too hard and the Gameskeeper's attention, quite rightly, revolves around Belle. 

Good Lord I sound jealous!

Maybe I am... Maybe I'm finally growing up and wanting to take life a little more seriously and have someone share that with me.


D. S.