Sunday, May 08, 2011

It is delightful to be back up North. Less than a week has passed and already many occasions have been celebrated, what with birthdays and sunshine taking priority.

I had a small soirée for the anniversary of my birth amongst my nearest and dearest friends in the North. It was wonderful with many cakes and drinks and music, I couldn't have asked for any more, though I was feeling slightly worse for wear the morning afterwards! Thankfully Belle was on hand to put a smile back on my face and we had a very relaxing day walking along the Docks in the refreshing Spring air.

Last night, however, took all sorts of unexpected turns. 

After a rather quiet day I began the evening in the company of Belle and her Gameskeeper and the musician. It is the second time I have seen him this week, but without the slightly more rowdy Brewer the four of us managed to have quite a sedate rendezvous. I must mention that my heart no longer flutters at the sound of the musician's voice, nor do I suffer burning desire at his touch, which quite frankly, is a relief.

The evening however soon digressed once I'd left them - yes I managed to keep in control and did not need to drag myself away from the musician - and joined both the Court Jester and Harlequin for a night of debauchery!

It was very late before we even managed to arrive at the party but considering we didn't leave there until after the sun had already come up, I believe we were entertained for a satisfactory number of hours.

I did find it quite surprising as to how many people were there that I did not know and although it was exhilarating to see some new faces amongst the more familiar ones, I don't have quite the same zest for conversation that I once had. The Court Jester surmised that it might be because of my impending departure from the North, and I fear he might be right!

A conversation I thoroughly enjoyed having was with the Lord whose bed I woke up in at the Manor party in March. It was the first time we had seen each other since the... sordid, no that's the wrong word... illicit encounter with him and the Lady. Neither of us showed any hint of embarrassment for which I am relieved and touched; his is a face, and body, that will be missed!

An intriguing development has arisen in regard to the elusive Luthien who has returned with yet more clues. I fear that I would make a terrible detective because I am no closer to guessing who she is, though I am pleased by her return and feel I may miss the game once she has revealed herself to me.

Until then I will bask in the sunlight that has been bestowed upon us and revel in the company of all those that I count as dear friends.

D. S.