Monday, December 13, 2010

A few days is all that I have left in the Northern counties. A multitude of sins can be explored in a few hours let alone days, but I think that my deplorable actions over the weekend account for enough before the Christmas season.

The past week contained many hours of singing Christmas carols and enjoying a fair few different ales. Definitely nights worth remembering as we surprised many of the city dwellers when they realised who we were! I do believe that we are visiting a school to sing to this eve, and I am fair excited, for one never knows who you might meet!

This leads me quite nicely on to the weekend. I cannot deny the pleasure of the Rowing Ball and we know about my accidental meeting of the Foreign Minister. But it seems that all it takes is a slight touch of the hand to make me think about my relationship with certain gentlemen. 

Considering that the Foreign Minister was now on my mind, I couldn't shake the feeling that I needed to see him once more before I leave for the Shire. I cannot deny the physical pangs that my body was suffering at the thought of giving in to his lust, but I knew that there was a large probability that the Minister would be with him. He, who tempted me nearly a year ago, who made me forget, momentarily, about the Duke. It would be disastrous if he found out about any kindling of a relationship with the Foreign Minister.

Fortunately, Harlequin, even in his absence, managed to conjure up the perfect excuse; the anniversary of his birth! Lady Lina managed to create an outing where we searched for the perfect gift for Harlequin. Of course it helped that we managed to coincide this outing with the Minister's visit to the town centre. The three of us wandered around the various boutiques that the North has, and we all went back to his dwelling to wrap the gifts and have them sent off poste haste.

Of course Lady Lina made herself scarce not soon after we arrived at his home, I was more than impressed with her subtlety! And so we were alone. 

There was obvious tension but I refused to throw myself at him. That I was so restrained to begin with definitely added to the undeniable passion that came over us. It was not the first time that this union had occurred, but that first time was many moons ago, and I had been distracted by the Duke, by him, to really notice the Minister. I don't know if it will happen again any time soon for I will be in the Shire over the Winter months (and I've heard from the Scottish Earl that he will be joining us over the Christmas period!).

Mother has sent up a few gifts for me to hand out to the dear ladies that spend all their time putting up with my romantic endeavours. I am looking forward to going home. A mulled wine evening has been proposed and I've heard rumours that a close friend has been with child! Ever so excited for the return to the Shire!


D. S.