Wednesday, November 09, 2011

I have received a letter from the nun who is still living on the Coast of my England. She is well, enjoying motherhood immensely and has sent me a lock of her darling son's hair. He must be getting rather large, I cannot imagine what he'll look like when I return, and who knows when that will be... The nun also sent word of the Doctor who is in on our little secret, apparently he has continued to enquire after me, even though there are twelve thousand miles between us. That is rather hopeful, but I shall take the time to write to him over the next few days.

My Mother has finally arrived on this side of the world, and the heavens opened over the Antipodes to mark her entrance to this new world. It has been wonderful to catch up with her and hear all about the Shire, my Father and of course my Brother the Carpenter! They are both well, though living far apart because my Brother is far too engrossed in his apprenticeship to live with the distractions of home, but they are both looking forward to joining us this side of the world for Christmas. There is much I want to show them, nothing more so than the beautiful greenery and forests that this country has to offer.

The ever-so-manipulative brunette has continued to rampage through my thoughts and into my life with a furore I didn't think possible. She has a zest for life that outruns my own and I can't seem to help but treat her with adoration. It is terribly frustrating for I know she is doing her best to ensnare me with her charms, and I hate that even with this clarity I can do nothing to stop the inevitable. 

She frequently makes sly comments referring to our deviant liaisons at the Manor house back in March, and isn't afraid of touching and caressing me, even at the most inappropriate times. God knows that she shall never be introduced to my Mother, and I had thought these days were over of lying to my parents about who I spend my leisure time with.

I cannot believe how prudish I sound! This isn't me. I normally thrive on illicit behaviour, leading the way forward for a sexual revolution. What has she done to me?

D. S.