Wednesday, August 19, 2015

When life is overly frenetic to the extent that I cannot find a quiet five minutes to write, please know that change is afoot and my situation is more than likely out of my hands. 

So much time has passed that I am no longer taking residence in Brighthelmstone, but rather am enjoying the comfort of my own bed in the Shire for one night more... The Far East beckoned and tomorrow I shall begin my journey to the Orient. I cannot believe all my hopes and dreams have led me down this path, but it shall be my greatest accomplishment. 

Although I travel alone, the Duke of Albany and I decided to go our separate ways, I am most fortunate to have a delightful companion waiting for me when I arrive. The Scottish Marquessa from months before has also made the plunge into an unknown territory. I've never been one to shy away from adventure, but I am most glad to know that I am not alone this time. There are even greater discrepancies between the East and West than there were between the Antipodes and my Shire. I fear the culture shock may be the most difficult undertaking for me. 

But at any rate, I have committed myself to discovering new lands and learning ways of thinking. I'm so excited I can barely find the words. 

It surprises me to think that I am not pining for Brighthelmstone. As wonderful as it was (and I have to admit it was, perhaps, my favourite summer) I am rather relieved it is over. I suppose that is only because of the intrigue that surrounds my impending future, but even so, I wonder if I have outgrown the Convent and all it has to offer and teach me. 

It's not the same as it once was, and it makes me ponder whether perhaps I have changed or it. 

No matter, for it is now a thing of the past. 

The next time I write (which will be sooner than a month a way!) I shall have news of the Orient and will have begun my new life in the Far East.

I am going on an adventure.

D. S. 

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