Thursday, November 26, 2015

Normally if I take a hiatus from my writing it is because I have found a new love interest or an old flame is disintegrating before my very eyes. On this occasion however, there are so many love interests that I haven't been able to keep up and it is I, who has imploded. The downward spiral of self-destruction is not a new phase in my life, nor one that I intend to give much weight, but rather it has reminded me to take some time for myself.

I need some reflection time instead of constantly chasing after every social occasion and allow myself the opportunity to breathe.

I have managed to take the time to travel - the Orient is the gateway to much of Indochina that I have never before experienced, and I have been ever so fortunate to spend this time with natives who are more than willing to show me the culture they are so proud of. But even the travelling has not been enough, only fleeting moments shared under an almost familiar bright sun.

I suppose I should also mention the man who helped open my eyes to what I am capable of  - I still don't quite believe in myself like I ought to, but I am learning, and in all honesty that is the reason why I have traversed to the other side of the world for the second time. I need to get to know myself and decide whether or not I like what I find.

At the moment... I'm not so sure.

D. S.