Sunday, February 14, 2010

I know that it has been far too long since I have managed to post on here, letting you know what I have been getting up to and for that I apologise. However, with the gossip that I have I hope I can satiate your appetites...

Everyone I know has somehow managed to find the perfect partner; there are couples surrounding me and I am completely alone. So to alleviate my boredom while I am alone and to distract myself, I have been occupying myself with various activities... Namely, the art of attraction. It is far to easy but trying to lure different men with different tactics is most enjoyable. As of yet I have a one hundred percent track record, but obviously I don't particularly want to boast about my accomplishments, (though I think sometimes I even impress myself).

Right now I'm laughing at myself and my blasé manner. I know that my reputation would suffer if everyone knew, but I am succeeding in keeping it under wraps, barely. Apparently I need to acquire more of a history of my so called 'victims'; one of my successes is actually an acquaintance of one of the ladies I used to live with. But fortunately I managed to convince him to keep quiet about the little affair. What else can I do?

D. S.