Thursday, January 21, 2010

We had quite the Ball a couple of nights ago. An evening to bring us all closer together after we had been away from each other over the Christmas holidays. I had such a lovely night. I was very high spirited, though I'm not sure if that's due to the company or the amount of alcohol that I consumed!

I cannot describe the fun that we had that night, we were all glowing with happiness and pure unadulterated love for everyone, it was such a good feeling. Unfortunately I did make the mistake of opening up and mentioning that I liked one of the foreign ministers, what makes it so unfortunate was the way that I proclaimed my feelings, which were not quite my own to say the least. He is now angry with me and thinks I am slightly pathetic, but really, I know when I have made a mistake but this time, he has just completly over reacted.

Spent the rest of the week brushing up on my study skills, and waited for Friday night's party. Once again the usual group of people, I had my darling Lady Lina as part of my ensemble and we had such a good night. There were games, drinks, eligible men... which Lina thoroughly appreciated! But I have a slight soft spot for her friend Lord Jones. Yet I get the impression that he thinks I'm silly and frivolous... Which I am, but I dislike having him think that that is all to me. But then again I have seen a less apealing side to him as he suffers from a lot of pent up rage. From what, I do not know.

I will keep you up dated but I think this is going to be a slow week. The next party is not til Friday, and though I have a few people to write to (the Duke) there really isn't that much going on, or at least anything of note.

Til then.

D. S.

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