Sunday, August 15, 2010

Oh dear... I am in all sorts of trouble! There is so much to tell about this last week that I don't quite know where to start.

I guess I had a relatively quiet week for the most part, it wasn't until this weekend that everything got decidedly raucous. The Duke finally held a ball inviting everyone that we knew to grace his delightful abode for the first time this summer. Shocking considering how late in the summer it is! All of us were there, an array of ladies as well as gentlemen, each of whom we have known for the last decade of our lives. I was surprised to see that the Duke's bride-to-be was absent, I may not be her greatest fan but I do love to observe people, especially a couple that has an effect on my life.

I'm tempted to suggest that it is because the Duke obviously has a great affection for one of the ladies! I dare not name her as it may jeopardise our friendship and indeed the Duke's relationship with his fiancé, and despite my jealousy I do not want to cause their destruction. My Officer was there, which was a surprise as I was led to believe that he was going to be away on the Continent. It seems he has three weeks leave, to get married and have a honeymoon before deploying away on whatever mission he is assigned. I may not have had the pleasure of the Duke's fiancé but sitting through the Officer and his bride-to-be's pandering behaviour was more than enough for me!

Unfortunately my Architect was unable to attend the ball so I had to find my amusement elsewhere and it was easy enough as we whiled away the hours catching up with the most scandalous gossip and reaffirming the foundations of our friendships.

Everyone was greatly intrigued to hear about my Architect; I have never been one to claim a man's heart for my own. Normally I acquire the usual flatterers, men who are hopeless romantics and foolishly fall for my charms, or indeed I fall for the impossibility of someone. This is the first time that I have acknowledged someone who cares about me as more than just a passing whim! My darling Baroness and Marquessa find this highly amusing and take great pains to tease me about him but all I do is smile and ignore them. Their jokes run a little too close to the truth...

For this weekend I made the grave error of staying out all night with my Architect! We did nothing overtly wrong, but because we were caught by none other than my parents we have been shamed and humiliated. I'm not sure I'll be able to forget my Mother's face when she saw us return through the gardens in the previous nights clothes all rumpled and askew from sleeping under the stars. We watched the most delicious shooting stars, and had the most romantic evening so in my eyes it was completely worth the debacle we had to suffer in the morning. But I am a little worried as to how my parents are going to react to having him around now, knowing how close the two of us have become, I dread to think that they are expecting an engagement but I don't think it's wise considering I will be going back up North in a month...

Speaking of the North, my Northern ladies are back from their travels on the Continent and had a glorious time, I am looking forward to hearing from them and seeing them in the coming months, the Shire's festivities are not of the same calibre as I am used to from the North. Lord, I had almost forgotten to mention my sweetest Squire has been keeping me informed of all the goings on, mainly because Harlequin is still gallivanting away in some delirious heat, and I have grown ever so fond of the Squire and I trust him explicitly.

Apparently the weather has been atrocious, I do prefer the Southern climate in the summer as the North is so temperamental, and there have been a few riots to do with the Church and other such discrepancies. I will need to reply to his musings at some point, silly Squire making me miss him!

I do hope this nonsense about my misdemeanour with the Architect dies down, I don't want to be harried by the rest of the household for gossip or indeed be subjected to it either! I'm hopefully seeing him this afternoon... The simple thought putting a smile on my face! I do wonder if he is brave enough to face my parents after this weekend... Wish us luck!

D. S.

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