Wednesday, November 03, 2010

How different in the Shire my life is. No wild parties, no unnecessary theatrics, not a whisper of a scandal (at least not this time round) and still it has been far from dull!

As my week at home in the new South Wing comes to an end, I am forced to acknowledge the depravity of my relationship with the Earl of Steel City. Regardless of the fact that I was the one intentionally being used, the fact that my reputation has spread so far and wide is a little more than disturbing.

One adultery, two kind men breaking their vows to their betrothed, and various other liaisons with suitable gentlemen and I seem to have acquired a reputation, something that I once remember caring about. I guess it is too late to change?

Well, another Masquerade Ball has come and gone, a birthday for a delightful friend and many a drink was consumed. Although I did have the pleasure of being introduced to a dark and brooding scholar; bright eyes and delicious cheekbones that are the most defining characteristic as he seems to care not for what he wears (dishevelled to say the least) but he has an intelligent mind, a thirst for knowledge, that I find intriguing. Not sure what more will happen as I return up North in the morn, but I am looking forward to my return in the Winter.

The Scottish Earl on the other hand has become a little too expectant of my part in his life. I managed to reacquire my ring and spent the day with him yesterday, even though he rejected my presence the day before. I do care about him, deeply; we laugh and play silly little games, sharing kisses and letting our hearts beat that tiny bit faster, have our blood pumping that much quicker.

I am looking forward to returning to the North. Bright fireworks to celebrate Guy Fawkes' demise this weekend and I do believe that there will be some form of drama. It isn't wrong of me to look forward to that, is it?

D. S.