Friday, February 10, 2012

My body is racked with pain and I have taken on a sanguine hue as well as my usual temperament after a day spent on the beach.

A day of relaxation with my most enamoured friend the brunette was the perfect remedy to the last few days. Not only have I had the pleasure of the Captain's company once again, but I met a fellow English gentleman who intends to sweep me off my feet. These three are the most important relationships that have blossomed in the last few days, the rest are merely fleeting.

Actually no, not quite. There is another whom has made an impact; the friend of the brunette's. He has become quite the reliable tease, always there when you need him and full of everyone else's gossip. I don't know where she found him, but he makes me laugh and I feel completely at ease with him. I have, however, definitely ruled out any sort of tumble with him, I don't think it is what either of us are looking for.

The English gentleman too, is not quite the tumble I thought he could be at first glance. No one, as of yet, has measured up to the Captain and because of this he still holds my heart. Nonetheless, the English gentleman is intriguing and of course we have much to discuss of one's social circle's back on our wonderful English soil.

I don't think he can take the Captain's place - just as no one has yet replaced the musician or the Duke - but he is more of a distraction than a purely physical relationship would be.

The brunette is embroiled in her own web of love and lies, and I hope that the situation is resolved sooner rather than later. I was wrong to get jealous of her pending friendship with the Captain. There is nothing there that I could accuse them of, and of course I know I only have myself to blame if he does run into her, or anyone else's arms.

I do hope to see both the Captain and the English gentleman again in the next few days. I don't want to sound crass and say 'out with the old and in with the new' because I don't want to get rid of the Captain. I wouldn't have given the English gentleman a second look if I'd managed to win back the Captain by now. But it seems he is rather stubborn and I am a victim of my own mistakes, he is truly making me take the consequences of my actions.

No one could ever accuse the Antipodes of having a dull moment.


D. S.

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