Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Thursday night with the English gentleman was wonderful. We danced the night away, a smile on each of our lips as we gazed into each others eyes. I met some of his friends, not more English gents, but rather natives of the Antipodes, which certainly has broadened my horizons somewhat.

The brunette was around that night but neither of us were willing to leave our beaux for long enough to have much of a conversation. It's rather silly how men can change us from strong, independent women, to simpering fools who wait longingly for the caress of our lovers.

I don't mean to sound so sardonic. I am happy with the English gentleman and I hope it progresses to something more. At least Mother would be pleased that I hadn't come home with a native! I know that is a horror of hers.

Though a week has passed I cannot for the life of me think what has happened. There have been delightful excursions and I met some interesting people. An explorer from the New World has mostly stayed in my hazy memory. We talked of many things, fools and kings, but it was his insight that truly had an impact on me.

His stories are most interesting and I look forward to seeing him again, for his anecdotes don't make me long for home, unlike when the English gentleman and I converse.

Oh yes, I too had an incident with the olive-skinned brunette's friend. Once again I was a little too friendly and apparently this was an indication for him to make physical advances! I put him in his place, again, and refused, but I miss the boisterous behaviour of my Shire gents back home who don't expect or want anything more than friendship. And my Northern men who respect my every decision. Men here in the Antipodes are less likely to listen to when you say no and I do find it a little disconcerting.

There is talk of a journey further South for a few weeks. I think it may be a good idea to get out of the city and see some more of the countryside. And it may also make me realise that I have a good thing with the English gentleman and put him to the test...

D. S.