Monday, August 05, 2013

Even in the shrouded cloisters of the Convent do the Governess, Belle and I manage to divulge in drunken debauchery. An entire weekend of dancing and dallying with the supposed 'undesirables' of the world has piqued my interest to those who have a purely more hedonistic idealism that I so wish to mirror.

Brighthelmstone was host to one of the most magnificently fabulous events of the year. Lords, ladies and every possible character in between feasted at the festival that promotes the belief in one love, which is all we need. I fully support everything that Brighthemstone had to offer; there was music from around the world and morning dips in the sea, an array of lovers giving their utmost devotion to their cause. It was beautiful ~ and that's not just the overflow of damson wine that we had to drink. Even days later I remember the peaceful calm that clasped through the entire festivities.

I cannot believe that the Convent is coming to an end. Only a week do we three have left in the iron grip of the Convent. To say it has purged me of my sins would be far too optimistic, though I do believe it has helped to give me some direction. I have only three days of the Shire before departing to warmer climes in Iberia. Even fewer days do I have on my return before my travels to the Eastern continent.

It is oh so joyous to have an idea of where my life is heading, but I have barely left breathing time, not to mention a complete lack of time for error. I have no worries, only a slight apprehension. And it has intrigued me to hear from my Mother that the Peacock gentleman has enquired after me back in the Shire...

I don't know if I even a moment to spare to share a conversation with the flirt, but as an ego boost I may as well have the last word before I leave? I see no harm in a casual flirtation. And I shall have the Prussian Knight for entertainment in Iberia... Which I suppose will be less sordid!

I cannot wait for the future to come beckoning, but at the same time I am blissfully content with all I have right now, in this exact moment.

D. S.

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