Saturday, August 24, 2013

At long last I have a glimmer of time to myself to contemplate on the weeks prior to this exact moment before the future swallows me whole.

Iberia was a blissful reverie of uncomplicated musings on golden beaches with the Prussian Knight. We shared sunsets and sunrises, never letting a moment pass unaccordingly.

However, there was one slight confusion while on the Continent ~ I could not write while I relaxed in Iberia. Normally I am at my most peaceful when I put pen to paper but it seems I had too much to think about and my thoughts were unable to leave my mouth nor hand coherently.

Nevertheless I have managed to once again find the niche I am most comfortable in but it shall be ever so fleeting. I leave the Shire tomorrow, with less than two days in my home town, for more Eastern climes. The Continent still calls my name and who am I to ignore what feels almost determined? 

D. S. 

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