Friday, February 07, 2014

Oh the Capital! What an extraordinary place. Every time I venture to London town I remember my love for it and always rediscover a new found respect for the city.

It was unbelievably glorious to rendez vous with the Duchess of Tuthershire. She has not changed in the slightest and it wasn't long before we were drinking red wine and reminiscing of the past we have shared. The evening was shared with the most dramatic and entertaining of the Capital's performers and I was delighted by the sights, sounds and smells I was privy to. I would highly recommend anyone with a taste for the wild to venture down to the cellar where the Duchess of Tuthershire and I whiled away many hours.

The day was spent in the sunshine with the Duchess of Tuthershire and her other half. We experienced some of the more cultured sights and sounds than the previous night (which were of a more debauched nature) but all in all I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the Capital and hope to venture there once more before I return to the Northern counties.

The Duke of Albany has not yet given his decision about whether he will or will not follow me up North and we both wait tentatively for one more week before I force an answer out of him. Nevertheless, he has made rather unsubtle hints, and I hope my silent optimism is not soaring for no reason. I adore being in his company and though we bicker, the absolution we grant each other is full of passion. So much so that it almost makes the arguments seem worth it...

I look forward to the Summer immensely when I shall have the company of Belle and the Irish Lady of Corcaigh. Our new years eve soiree made such an impact, and it delighted me to have my nearest and dearest around at all times. This Summer shall be the greatest (or so I hope) and I long to feel the sun on my back.

A few days is all I have left in the Shire before I return to Bohemia. The Duke has promised to follow in my footsteps and it warms my heart to think I will see him for the Valentine's weekend, if not the actual day.

I hope and pray that everyone I care about can experience the same love and affection the Duke and I have for each other ~ though I know not to say that out loud for fear of sounding arrogant and sanctimonious!

D. S.