Saturday, February 15, 2014

Yesterday shall be remembered as one of the worst Valentine's I have ever lived through. 

It is normally a day that brings me much joy, and I revel in spreading the love without much thought to my own heart. However, this year I had pinned many hopes on the Duke of Albany.

I can't quite find the words. It is not something I want to write down because that will make it all too real. Yesterday I was in disbelief and suffered anger at his rejection but today? Today I'm in shock. After all we've been through, he couldn't even give me a straight answer, but rather just left me to flounder in his silent absence. I cannot believe he did not even have the nerve to send a letter. 


Not a single word of explanation. Did I really mean so little to him that he couldn't even bring himself to own up to his decisions? We had a wonderful time together last week but now my heart feels as if it has been torn from my chest. The tears that stained my face are finally dry, but nothing seems to make sense any more. How could I have trusted him? 

I should never  have asked him to move country for me. This is all my fault. 


D. S.