Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Darlings there is so much I have to report since I last wrote, but I shall start with an apology for my last melancholy musings. Valentine's day can be most traumatic for those who do not have a loved one to call their own; I do, or at least thought I did, but the Duke of Albany had forsaken me. Not only was the Saint's day a day of love, but he also had a decision to make regarding our future... Which, was also candidly ignored. 

I spend the weekend in a drunken and sorrowful state and by Sunday had resolved to spend sometime in Prague to try and lift my fatigue. 

Ah Fate. It could be said that she has had quite a hand in my life, especially more recently... I cannot forget how the Duke of Albany and I met, even though he was disguised. But a similar occurrence took me by surprise on my journey to Prague. 

Again Jeeves and I were stopped on the road, but rather than brandishing swords, a true messenger (or so I believe) handed me a letter with the Duke's insignia sealing the words between the parchment. I read the words I had longed to see three days sooner, and as my heart soared I made a decision to meet the Duke and his carriage on their journey to me as I was already on the road. 
The letter did not say more than he was coming to meet me and was only a few hours behind the messenger. No apology hid between the lines, and though I had suffered great heartache at his nonchalant attitude, I was too excited at the prospect of holding him once more in my arms, that all had already been forgiven.

He has now been by my side for two days and we have discussed our future in length. Neither of us are ready for a betrothal; we seem unable to take the archaic approach to marriage and would prefer to know each other far better before making that commitment. But it is a possible future that we do not want to ignore, so the Duke said yes, he shall follow me to the Northern counties in my home country so that we can see where this relationship shall go.

Never have I been so happy in all my life. My sadness has completely dissipated and I am over the moon to have my Albany back in my arms. Though it seems it shall be a fleeting visit. He is to return to the Northern counties and purchase a property that is suitable for he and his retinue. And he has been so bold as to ask me how I want my own room. 

Of course I still have the matter of the Royalty whose charge I am responsible for, but I have the whole summer to sort out the finer details of my future. All I know is the Duke is here and calling my name, and who am I to ignore his cries?


D. S.