Monday, February 24, 2014

And he's gone.

A perfect week has ended and the Duke of Albany has left me stranded in the country of his forefathers. I should not complain for I have everything I could ever desire; he loves me and sees a future with me ~ so much so that he will move country for me! But I now have to wait until Easter before I can again touch the contours of his body.

Though I'm sure my body is grateful for the respite... We pushed the boundaries of propriety further than ever before, and I'm sure my limbs are still suffering with bruises from various instruments! Truly, I am no contortionist.

It took me a fair few days to recover from my  shock of holding the Duke in my arms despite his silence on Valentine's Day. And now that his intoxicating presence has dissipated I can find the time to breathe, yet I long for the scent of his musk. 

Of course we fought. I cannot remember a time when we didn't disagree on something, but for the first time we fought about our relationship. There is nothing to the argument other than it was fuelled by alcohol and doused by ferocious love making. I do not doubt there will never come a time where we agree on everything, and it makes for a far more passionate relationship. 

But now I have to wait. I have long distance to contend with... And we all know how well that's gone in the past (the Antipodean Captain and the Prussian Knight?) But this time it does not frighten me. I accept that time is currently not on our side, and I know I have the patience to wait for the Duke. Friends have scoffed (behind their hands, but still!) and no doubt bets have been placed, but I am confident in the love I have for the Duke. Nor do I believe his own feelings shall waver while he resides in my home country. 

I shall spend the rest of the evening reminiscing about our time in the City of A Hundred Spires and the memories we created there... I just hope the ache in my body lessens, along with the ache in my heart. 


D. S.


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    1. Tantalising yes. But there are also days when it is frustrating and I get impatient. Thankfully I know the Duke is worth the wait.
      Your one and only
      Duchess of the Shire