Monday, March 03, 2014

I have had to contend with a week of varying degrees of solitude now that the Duke is making arrangements for our future in the Northern counties and I still reside in his beloved Bohemia. Though it is nothing to what we have done before, I have another five weeks to go before I can hold him and kiss him.

Long distance is never ideal, and though I worry not for our inflamed passion for each other, I am still anxious about the time we shall spend apart.

I miss the Duke of Albany terribly and am reminded of the time and distance the Captain and I attempted to conquer, to no avail. But this is different because our future is tangible and so within reach. A couple of months when there is a destination in sight is nothing in comparison to a lifetime's worth of travel across the globe.

To pass the time I have enjoyed many walks in the Spring sunshine and I long for the Summer with the Duke and Belle. I know that they met over New Year's Eve but it shall interest me to see how they fare over a longer period of time... Indeed I am intrigued as to how the Duke and I shall cope, as we shall have spent so much time apart before thrust back together in the North!

Walking has not been my only form of entertainment; I took the advice of a wise old friend and made the most of the Duke's sapphic lover. I was fortunate enough that the Duke left me in her capable hands, with a promise to enjoy myself and indulge in my curiosities. It makes me smile when I think about how much he cares about my own pleasure and not just his own... Unlike so many other men I have known.

I look forward to hearing from him and I hope to receive a letter shortly; to think our entire relationship started because of a letter and a disguise.

I miss him terribly but this month will fly by... I hope.


D. S.

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