Thursday, March 20, 2014

The sun is shining and the birds are singing; Spring is most definitely in the air and it feels delightful. I long for the lazy summer days in the Shire, but there is talk of returning to the Convent in Brighthelmstone for a few weeks... Belle and I want to relive the the magical weeks from last year and I know that the Duke will stay by my side throughout July and August. Especially as this will give us some extra time together before our more permanent positioning in the North as of September

The Duke of Albany is very vague about what sort of property he is looking for in the Northern counties whenever he writes to me. I do wish I could be in my home country and share this experience with him. I know I shall not be living with him, only rendez vous when my Royal charge allows, and there are times when I can imagine the two will clash and cause frustrations. 

Love and duty are not always the same thing...

I have asked the Duke's household here in Bohemia to allow me to pay a visit and my respects to his family. I can only imagine how his parents feel knowing that I have taken their only son away from his duty to his country and I wish to make amends, and at least salvage our relationship with happy memories. 

There is, however, an ulterior motive to this visit. I know that the artist is a part of the Duke's retinue and if I can't get her to agree to come and visit me, then I shall have to go to her. Also I wish to gaze upon the original painting of myself draped and undressed as Aphrodite. I don't think I have actually yet had the pleasure of staring at the painting in all its glory and it's a waste of the artist's talent to keep it hidden from view. 

I am still waiting to hear back from the Duke's household, but I'm sure it shall not be long now, until then I plan to enjoy the sunshine. I may even pen my dear Duke a letter. 

D. S.

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