Monday, March 17, 2014

Another weekend of fun and games has passed, all the while keeping me distracted from the artist - distracted but not forgotten. I have a small plan in mind, though I dare not write it down for fear of the artist's cunning finding out a secret or two before the time is right. 

Jeeves and I travelled with some Ladies of high standing to Moravia so that we could taste the finest wines the region has to offer. It would have been perfect had I not been suffering with a head cold, though the other ladies more than made up for my inability to wallow in the usual debauchery. I do hope we can spend more time together as they are the most delightful Ladies and they keep my spirits jovial when I miss my darling Duke of Albany. 

The artist of course has continued to ignore my pleas, though I'm now persevering more to irritate her, rather than expecting her to change her mind. It gives me little pleasure but after the way she has treated me I cannot do nothing. And it's not yet time for my plan to be put into action. Until the Duke returns to Bohemia I have very little to entertain me, though Jeeves is doing his best to keep me at ease. 

If only it were that simple. I miss the Duke every day and even my scheming cannot abate the hole in my heart. I long for the months when we can be together under the English summer sun. Not long now... 

D. S.

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