Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring has certainly sprung, however that means when the sun is not shining, the heavens are opening. We have suffered a deluge of rain the last two days, though it did work in my favour...

I finally heard back from Duke of Albany's household after I invited myself over to his Château and I travelled there with Jeeves on the last day of the working week. We were warmly received and I was reminded of how well they all treated me after I last returned from the Shire. I mustn't assume they think badly of me for taking the Duke away from his responsibilities; for all I know they want him to broaden his horizons and learn from his experiences. 

Jeeves and I were due to only stay for the one night and a day, enjoying the sights and sounds of the Bohemian countryside (as well as trying to 'accidentally' bump into the artist) but because of the rain we did not return until this morning!

I did eventually have the pleasure of artist's company, but not until yesterday, and we made small talk about the changeable weather, but she allowed me no further enquiries about another painting. And, though I still find it difficult to believe, she even went so far as to deny me the right of seeing the previous and original painting of myself as Aphrodite.

Further arrangements have been made for me to get what I want. It's not often that I am not only rejected, but forced to take another's decision! I do not know what game this artist is playing but I shall certainly find out, and I hope to have it all sorted before my Duke returns to Bohemia. 

I don't want him thinking I am irresponsible and take pleasure in petty arguments...

D. S.

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