Thursday, March 13, 2014

Affronted doesn't even begin to cover how I feel. Last week I wrote of my intentions to pursue the artist to commission another painting as a surprise for the Duke on his return next month (and to keep me out of trouble).

I wrote to the artist the following day asking for a rendez vous at her discretion, I have no want for the Duke's court giving my secret away, but she declined! No reason was given, and she didn't even honour me with the common courtesy of an excuse. She was blunt and to the point, as her nature is wont to do, but the thought of her arrogance sticks in my throat. 

Of course I cannot dare write to the Duke and ask him to intervene, it would give the game away, and I have never been one to shy away behind the might of men. The artist has not heard the last from me, though I do realise I shall have to be a little more delicate in this matter. She is a wily one and doesn't follow the etiquette of court, which means I shall have to be more devious. 

The weekend draws near but plans have been made for the Jester and I to travel south to Moravia. I have even managed to convince an Irish lady who knows how to have a good time to join us, I'm glad I have better luck here than with the artist. I cannot think what to do as of yet, but no doubt something will come to mind soon enough, and a weekend away shall clear my head. 

D. S. 

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