Thursday, April 17, 2014

Already the Duke of Albany has been and gone and once again I am left in this foreign land alone. Where to begin with the last fortnight of comings and goings? For a change I do not know where to find the words...

I suppose I should start with the Duke's arrival. I waited at his home in Bohemia with his family, the expected pomp and show on display as we whiled away the hours for his retinue to appear over the hills. 

But of course the Duke took the situation into his own hands and did away with convention. A lone horse silhouetted against the blue of the Bohemian sky signalled the Duke's return, and it galloped forward, but without the usual procession. The Duke's family were in no doubt that the rider would be their son and heir, but I was a little more dubious. 

It gladdens my heart to note that my assumption was correct. The rider that cantered towards us only wanted to let the Duke's family know that the Duke had ridden on to my home, rather than to his family first. I blushed and wished I had told the Duke about how relations with his parents were far warmer than a few months back. 

Nevertheless, his mother surprised me and told me to meet him at mine, giving me their fastest horse, only making me promise to bring the Duke home in time for the feast, which of course I was welcome to. Her generosity and knowing wink came as quite a shock, but she too was once a young woman in love, and I graciously accepted her proposal and urged my horse to hasten towards my lover. 

When I arrived at my humble abode I saw an unknown horse in my stables; the thought of being so close to the Duke made my heart quicken. Jeeves smiled at me to let me know that my guest was waiting in the library. I checked my appearance in my small pocket mirror; I was slightly flushed from my ride and I could not contain the curvature of my lips at the prospect of holding the Duke once more in my arms. 

I opened the door to the library and closed it quietly behind me. It was not my intention to sneak up on the Duke, but my heart was in my mouth and all of a sudden I was taken over by an unnatural shyness. Thankfully the Duke knows me all too well and the moment the door closed he put his hands over my eyes and kissed my neck, whispering 'guess who'.

I have never been happier than I was at that moment, to feel his strong hands against my face, holding me as we kissed for the first time in two months. How I hate the distance, but it makes the moments we do have together that much sweeter. I shan't give too many details about how we ransacked the library on our first afternoon together, I shall only remark that there is still a carpenter fixing a few shelves because of our furore...

How I have longed for him to touch me the way he touched me that afternoon. How I have craved the look in his sea blue eyes when he tells me he loves me. How I have yearned to have his arms hold me and soften my cries of pleasure. It was everything I had desired for two months, and I am sure I have yet to recover.

The feast was uneventful, though the Duke was pleased with the progress I had made with his family. He would not give me any details about the property he has yet to purchase in the Northern counties across the continent, nor would he sate my curiosity and allow me to know what was the promised surprise... Though it was worth the wait.

D. S. 

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