Monday, April 07, 2014

The Duke of Albany arrives in two days and I cannot think of anything but holding him in my arms. He has also piqued my interest as he has promised to bring a surprise with him... I have no clue as to what it may be, but he knows me well enough that I trust his judgement and only long for the day to come that much sooner!

However, I shall not allow his impending visit to shadow over the week I have had.

Jeeves and I travelled to the West of Bohemia with the Irish Lady of Corcaigh to visit some renowned musicians and delight in the cultural differences of various nations. The music was sublime, and I adored the entire weekend. 

We drank and ate far more than is entirely respectable, and I have to admit our hostess could not be faulted for the event she so proudly had prepared for us. The scenery of the countryside was awe-inspiring; I haven't seen the like since I travelled to the Antipodes two years ago, and I stared, my mouth agape at the wonder of this country. Truly, I will miss it on my return to the Shire. 

Of course there was dancing, the Irish lady and I are never likely to be the first to go home, though for a change we were not the last! It was delightful to have so much fun and freedom, though the language is still somewhat of a barrier.

The only slight mar on the entire weekend was the journey home; Jeeves and I were told to wait for a carriage in this tiny village a little more than an hour away from my chateau, but it seems the carriage did not wait for us. Instead of the three hours it should have taken us to make it back, we doubled that time and took six hours!

Never have I been so grateful to see the castle of Mladá Boleslav. 

Now I shall just wait for the Duke's arrival. I have not forgotten that I have several questions to ask, but the longing for his touch is outweighing my curiosity at this point...

D. S. 

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