Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Nearly every time I write these days I am shocked by how much time has slipped away, and this shall not vary from the constant theme. 

I am to turn twenty-four on Monday and I can hardly fathom the notion!

Not only does it make my unmarried status more noticeable as I constantly break against convention, but it also means that I am that much closer to the end of my days in Bohemia. Neither of which I had given much thought to; other than as abstract futures that were not yet upon me.

Nevertheless, I shall welcome my birthday with open arms (for who doesn't love an occasion whose sole purpose is to be celebrated?)  and look forward to the next step in my life... Though my choice to return to the convent in Brighthelmstone is nothing particularly new. At least I shall have the Duke of Albany by my side and Belle shall no doubt intervene in our many arguments.

The summer, I'm hoping, will give me the opportunity to spend some time with the Duke before I take my place in the Northern counties as a lady-in-waiting to my Royal Charge. Though the Duke has made promises to move across the Continent with me, I am not naive enough to assume our lives will be in constant contact what with our respective duties. 

Bohemia has a wonderfully wild sense of spring, with festivals and fêtes galore, but it only makes me miss my wonderful Duke that little bit more. I feel he should be spending this time here with me, but of course it is FOR me that he is even in my beloved England. So I do not, nor cannot, mention my longing for him in my letters, though that is all I wish to do. But a lamenting letter never did anyone any good.

I do have plans to travel around the Continent myself a little more before I return home. Polska calls my name and I look forward to a week of exploring for my birthday. It is not a country I know anything about, so I shall spend this week doing some much needed research. Anywhere new makes me happy, if only I had the Duke by my side to enjoy my adventures with me.

D. S. 

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