Friday, April 18, 2014

So where was I?

Ahh, yes, the surprise that was well worth the wait... After the Duke and I had made passionate love in the library and feasted with his family upon his return, we made plans to visit the South of Bohemia, a medieval town not that far away from the European capital of music, Vienna.

Český Krumlov is absolutely stunning, with rolling hills and dramatic mountains. The Vltava river meanders through the busy streets and gurgles lovingly at the foot of the castle. We shared such a wonderful time together, just the Duke and I, in this small little town, that I know it will always hold a special place in my heart, though we were only there for a few days.

I made an active decision not to ruin the weekend we had together by giving into the artist's demands and questioning the Duke about the other women in his life. I believe I am the only one in his heart now, and if he has had past lovers then that only makes him all the more experienced for me. And certainly he knows exactly what he is doing! 

It was only once we returned to the City of a Hundred Spires did it occur to me to ask about my surprise, which had seemingly been so easily forgotten. The Duke of Albany grinned at me, his blue eyes hinting at mischief, and he told me to wait in the Palace gardens, and without another word he disappeared. 

Of course I was slightly disgruntled as the seconds turned to minutes and there was even a panicked moment when I thought he wasn't going to return. But at long last he turned the corner and presented me with my dearest and most wondrous Belle! How he managed to convince her to travel the Continent and come and visit me I shall never know, but I only hope he knows my appreciation and gratitude.

We could not stop talking and it gave the Duke much gladness to see Belle and I reunited after so many months. The next few days that followed were in complete bliss and I cannot even recall what it is that we did. However, now that they have both left I feel rather empty, something I have never felt before here in Bohemia.

Again I have a month at least to wait until I get to see the Duke again. The distance does take it's toll, for we take at least a day to adjust to one another's company, whereso I noticed that Belle and I instantly recovered. But I look forward to the summer where the three of us can promenade around the Brighthelmstone convent and enjoy the sun's rays.

But for now I am alone, and they two, are travelling back to my Shire. 

D. S.

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