Sunday, February 08, 2015

So I have left only to return with a heavy heart... It seems the position offered was not for me, nor I for it. Though I was impressed with the assets, I have to admit to feeling rather uncomfortable at the expectations included. I do not think I would have been able complete the necessary actions with as much gusto as I would have liked, and the less said on the matter the better. 

It was a privilege to be included in their decision making, but I am better off without that sort of responsibility. The Garden of England shall have no hold over me any time soon. 

But that does mean that yet again I am leaving my life in the hands of the Fates. The Duke of Albany and I are making the most of our time in the Northern counties and we are prepared for any future path we stumble upon. Travel is still at the forefront of my mind, but I know I would be throwing away any opportunities at home if I were to leave prematurely.

It was wonderful to see Harlequin while in the Capital. We laughed and joked like no time has passed, and that is how you can measure the mettle of your true friends - when your worlds are constantly changing but friendships stay the same. We laughed and joked and he calmed my nerves before the big day, and though I do feel a little foolish for getting my hopes up so early on in the New Year, I will strike it off my list as an experience to learn from. 

I can only do better.

D. S.

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